I cannot get any firewire (IEEE 1394) disk drives recognized.

My system has 3 firewire-capable drives:
<UL><LI>Sony DVD - both USB and firewire capable
<LI>Western Digital (WD3200B011) - both USB and firewire capable
<LI>Maxtor Personal Storage (3000DV) - Firewire only[/list]Both the Sony and the WD drives function when they're connected via their USB ports - alone and both.

When I connect any single drive to the 1394 Host Controller (Radius), nothing happens. When I connect the WD drive to USB and then to Firewire, the drive disappears from Explorer. The WD unit is suppposed to work with both USB and Firewire connected - there's actually a USB hub inside the WD drive.

I have tried every drive connection sequence I can think of with the same results. Also, deinstalling and reinstalling the 1394 host controller produces the same results.

Historical Perspective:
"In the beginning", the Sony drive and the Maxtor drive worked together. Then I bought the WD unit and have had problems ever since. Once I was able to get all three drives working - Sony/USB, WD/FW and Maxtor/FW.

Are there potentially some XP hotfixes (err, updates) I've missed? Anything else? I really don't want to go scorched-earth and reinstall XP. <img src=/S/groan.gif border=0 alt=groan width=16 height=15>