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    Two problems i have one is whenever i shutdown my machine or restart it it just sticks on the WINDOWS IS NOW SHUTTING DOWN screen, no matter what i do i cannot get rid of it, and the other is i have a problem when i knock my other machine on the machine keeps beeping continually until i knock it off. I have checked the Memory is sitting ok and it is, but it just beeps all the time, and nothing is coming up on the screen.. PLease help

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    Re: 2 PROBLEMS

    W95 failure-to-shut-down problems are many, look in the MS KB.

    Your second problem is a little hard to follow but sounds purely like a hardware problem. Repost it in the hardware forum with the exact bootup messages that show on screen and the number of beeps. (If no messages show on screen, you very likely have a display card problem.)
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    Re: 2 PROBLEMS

    Yeh it does not bring anything on the screen its just a blank screen, and it continually beeps until you knock the machine off

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    Re: 2 PROBLEMS

    It is probably a video card problem. The problem might just be a loose card. This happens frequently with video cards.

    Also, most bios's provide a specific beep code sequence for POST(Power On Self Test) problems. Your motherboard manual may give you a description of what that beep sequence means.

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