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Some time ago I posted a request (<post#=573,898>post 573,898</post#>) on how to save (move) a file with elevated permissions. My whole point in doing so was to keep files out of reach of bored, inquisitive chemistry students who decide to explore the chem labs' computers and its' server. The person who designed the chem lab software (a chemistry professor) thought that security by obfuscation would be sufficient. I wanted to be able to move the files out of their reach, without too much editing on the original code. Attached as a text file is the code with comments interspersed.
I used Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Web-based Enterprise Management (Wbem) in this case as I needed elevated permissions as I was moving files between folders (and drives) on a remote machine. This works, but is kinda kludgy.
OK, now to the question..........Is it possible to transfer files between machines using the WMI/Wbem commands?...or do I have to shift gears and find something else? I know there is System.Management which can be used with .NET, but I haven't found any methods which would do this.