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    XP install on a 'new' Pc (Latest)


    Someone just gave me their PC. I already have a PC & was thinking of using this as a spare 'drive', i.e. network my PC with this one. Unfortunately, there is a lot rubbish (games, etc) on that PC. I was thinking of wiping it all off and re-install the operating system. The problem is that there are no XP operating system CDs (of all the CDs that came with the PC).

    The question is: Can I buy XP operating system from Ebay and use it to install on this machine or do I go out to PC World and buy a pack costing me about

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    Re: XP install on a 'new' Pc (Latest)

    Are the XP CDS from Ebay legal
    It is impossible to say if all the copies available on ebay are legal or not. I don't think ebay can guarantee this either. I suppose you can consider the source and make your judgement. Personally, I don't use ebay for anything and I just don't trust it. Of course, you will hear many who are completely satisfied with their ebay experiences. You just roll the dice and take your chances.

    Have you done a little "shopping" around the net for copies of the OS from reputable vendors who will be around to back up their sales if there is a problem? I have seen a few good buys just casually surfing around the name shops.

    BTW, license stickers can be forged as easily as the CDs.

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    Re: XP install on a 'new' Pc (Latest)

    There could be a hidden recovery partition to restore the PC to the way it was shipped. The problem with that is most PCs from OEMS these days ship with all kinds of extraneous junk installed. Also, often you do not get a separate OS CD. When I buy a PC I just plan on spending the better part of a day getting it the way I want. You may just be better off spending the time to uninstall what you don't want.


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