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    problem loading xp and 2003 upgrades (97)

    I recently wiped out the hard disk on my laptop and reloaded WindowsXP Home. I have gone through and updated the operating system to current MS updates. MS Office 97 loaded fine. When I try to load Office XP (which is an upgrade, not a stand alone product), I get various error messages such as "Office.cab1 missing" and a directive to contact MS. Same thing when I try an upgrade version of Office 2003.


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    Re: problem loading xp and 2003 upgrades (97)

    If you do not need any applications from previous versions of Office, you don't need to install them.
    For the "Upgrade" versions of Office Setup, all you need is to "show" your previous version Installation CD (Office97, in your case).

    I would recommend to copy entire Office97 Installation CD to a separate folder on your hard drive and point Office Setup to this folder when prompted.
    Error message "CAB file is missing" suggests that your CD-ROM couldn't read the CD. Make sure that your CD is clean. It is better to copy Office Installation CD to a separate folder (other than where Office97 is) and run Setup from there.

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    Re: problem loading xp and 2003 upgrades (97)

    Great idea. I have Adobe Pro Upgrade, and it also asks to see the previous version. By doing it your way and copying it to my Maxtor drive. I would no longer have to worry about losing that CD.
    Thanks John
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