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    Q about new bibliography feature (Word 2007 beta 2)

    I have a long document with many chapters. I need a bibliography at the end
    of each chapter. How can I do this using the new bibliography feature? All
    they speak about in the help file is inserting *one* bibliography (usually at
    the end of the document). I have tried inserting multiple bibliographies,
    but each refers to the complete list of sources cited in the overall document.

    Would using master documents and subdocuments be the way to go? Does this
    allow me to create a separate bibliography for each subdocument?

    (I know that in previous versions of Word, master documents are realy flakey.
    Do they work properly in Word 2007, without corrupting everything?)


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    Re: Q about new bibliography feature (Word 2007 beta 2)

    I am yet to see the new version of Word so I can only provide some hints based on the official versions of Word.

    The bibliography islikely to be a field in the same vein as TOC and Index fields. If I had to insert chapter specific summary fields like these then I would need to bookmark the Chapter and then include a switch in the field which told the TOC (or Index) to only include the items contained in the bookmarked area. For instance a TOC that only includes the headings from chapter 1 might look like this {TOC o "2-4" b 'Chap1"}

    Does the new bibliography feature work the same way?
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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