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    Bookmark does not travel when Trackl Changes is on (2000, XP, 2003)

    I had a word document containing bookmarks to specific areas of the doucment and sent it to a co-worker to review and make changes. Track changes were turned on and the co-worker made changes involving moving text around to another area of the document. The text that got move also contained a bookmark and it was discovered the book mark does not get moved with the text. I have not read where this is by design and wonder if anyone knows if this is an error with Word or is by design and if there is anyway to make sure the bookmark gets moved as well? Thank you

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    Re: Bookmark does not travel when Trackl Changes is on (2000, XP, 2003)

    I think it's by design. Bookmark names within a document are unique. If you move (or cut and paste) text within a document while track changes is off, Word can move the bookmark with the text without problems. But if track changes is on, Word leaves the original text where it was, exactly as it was (including the bookmark), marked as deleted, and places a copy of the text in the new location, marked as inserted. It doesn't copy the bookmark, since that would create a duplicate name. If the programmers had decided to move the bookmark to the new location and to remove it from the original location, it would have become more difficult to restore the original situation when changes are rejected, especially if there are multiple layers of tracked changes.

    If you want to keep the bookmarks, it might be better to edit the document with track changes turned off, and use the compare documents feature to review the changes.

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