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    Securing a database (2003)

    I am interested in securing a database so that it can not be copied or changed. I also want the code to be hidden. I know that I can convert to a mde file but I understand that someone with a knowledge of access can gain access to the code. If it makes a difference the database is split into a front/backend .

    As a secondary concern I would like to prevent the file from being distributed to multiple computers.

    Any help would be apppreciated


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    Re: Securing a database (2003)

    Note: you can only create an .mde database from a database in Access 2002/2003 format in Access 2003. It is not possible to create one from an Access 2000 format database.
    It is possible to view and even modify the design of forms and reports in an .mde database, but you cannot view or alter the VBA code. The source code is completely removed when you create an .mde database, so there is nothing to view.

    Splitting the database is always a good idea, because it decreases the probability that your database becomes corrupt. For more info, see WendellB's tutorial Why Split a Database?

    if you want to secure the database further, you can apply user-level security. If you do this, you can give the "standard" user limited permissions. To be able to modify the design of database objects, you'd need to know the correct username and password. For more info about user-level security, see WendellB's tutorial The Secrets of Security. It contains an introduction and many useful links.

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