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    PDF Closes (6, SP2)

    A friend is trying to open a PDF file by clicking a link on a website. The file starts to open but then closes right away. Other have no trouble opening the same file. She has Acrobat 7.0 professional. It works fine for with either Acrobat 6.0 professional or Acrobat 7.0 professional. I told her to right-click and download the file instead. Does she need to adjust some setting in her Internet Explorer? Why does that happen?


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    Re: PDF Closes (6, SP2)

    Hi Jerry

    This may be because there are two partial installations of Adobe on users PC. Click on Start and select Control Panel. Open up the Add or Remove Programs utility and select Adobe Reader. Click on the Change button (if there is no Change button, then click on the Remove button). Click Next and select the Repair option. Click Next and then click Install. Once the repair is finished, check to see if you can now open .PDF files from Internet Explorer. If not, then follow the steps again, but select the Remove option, this time. Then download the install kit from Adobe and install the software again.

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