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    Got Really Old Linux Memorabilia?

    This showed up in the inbox today:

    We know you have computer memorabilia and now is a great opportunity to preserve it in history!

    The Computer History Museum, in conjunction with LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, is conducting a nation-wide search for Linux and open source-related memorabilia for additions to the museum's collection in Mountain View, CA.

    With the 15th anniversary of the kernel upon us, now seems like the perfect opportunity to preserve this revolutionary part of computer history.

    Currently, the museum is looking for artifacts that are unique and at least 10 years old (prior to 1996). Examples are:
    <UL><LI>Historical prototypes
    <LI>Early business plans for Linux and open source companies
    <LI>Early photographs of key figures in the Linux and open source movement
    <LI>Software releases
    <LI>Promotional materials and tchotchkes
    <LI>Video tapes related to significant milestones in Linux history
    <LI>Source code[/list]If you are interested in donating an item, please visit the museum website and fill out an online donation form. Go to: When filling out the form please use explicit and sufficient detail about the artifact, what makes the donation worthy and why it is significant. The deadline to submit an item for this program is Friday, July 21, 2006.

    Please state in the subject line that this is in conjunction with the Linux World Conference & Expo. You will be notified if your artifact is to be selected into the museum

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    Re: Got Really Old Linux Memorabilia?

    Thats is awesome., I may haveta make the trip out to the west coast for this one.
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