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    Web Counters

    Looking for a good web counter; I have done a few searches and there are a lot of "FREE" Web counters out there, but finding a good one that actually works have Bern a real chore. A few years ago I got one from and it not only provided a on site counter, but also access to there site which provided me all kind of great info on the hit to my site. However I have not been able to find their site anymore. So I am looking for a replacement. I have tried a few, more than I want to remember, but still nothing good. So if anyone has a recommendation I would be happy for the support.

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    Re: Web Counters

    See if any of these are of interest to you: <post:=503,557>post 503,557</post:>, or <post:=576,570>post 576,570</post:>.

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