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    setting up outlook (Microsoft Office 2003)

    Could someone smarter than me guides me how to set up the microsoft office outlook 2003. Im connected to the internet then i click on the microsoft outlook but it keep saying that server is unavailable, so my question is how do i find out the microsoft exchange server name so i can put in the server box and lick on check name box to verify.?? thx

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    Re: setting up outlook (Microsoft Office 2003)

    You are entering your account information? The first question is: where is your email?

    * Microsoft Exchange Server: you connect using the full internal name of your office's server, which you might need to get from a network administrator. I think ours has .local on the end of it, which I never would have figured out on my own. Then you can search for yourself using Active Directory. Often it is simplest to search using just your last name.

    * POP or IMAP server: This should look very similar to other mail programs (e.g., Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, Mozilla, Thunderbird). The only catch is that some providers do not let you send and receive on the regular ports that Outlook will suggest. Instead, they use SSL (encryption) and have you connect on other ports. Your ISP or mail provider will be able to give you details. Many say the don't support Outlook, but the directions for Outlook Express are almost always "close enough."

    * Webmail: if your mail is at Yahoo, Hotmail/MSN, or Google, you will need special directions from the provider and in some cases might have to pay a "premium" charge.

    Does that help?

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    Re: setting up outlook (Microsoft Office 2003)

    If I understand correctly you are setting up a standalone computer, and you already have an ISP because you have Internet service. (If you are on an Exchange mail server, the menu steps are somewhat different.)

    You need the names of the mail server, and some other information, for/from your ISP. Your ISP's website will usually have advice on exactly how to set these up. Generally speaking, you need to get in to the Outlook 2003 Tools | Email Accounts | Add A New Email Account | Next | POP3 (or other server type) dialog, and enter your personal information and service password, plus the names of the mail servers, such as

    Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
    Outgoing Mail Server SMTP:

    HTH. If not, provide a little more information about your ISP and mail service.
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