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    multiple outlook forms (Outlook)

    Hello Loungers, I am looking for some advice. The company I work for has made a item form which loads data infrom excel. Currently there are 7 customized userform post items in one folder. Will this cause a problem, It seems that the folder should only have one. I asked about why do we have so many and the system administrator siad we had to because he was scared it would cause problems. Personally I think that too many will cause problems. I want to remove them so ony the most recent form is used. I believe the others or them same but older.

    What problems will all these cause?

    Can I remove the older ones?

    How do I remove them with causing problems

    any other suggestions?

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    Re: multiple outlook forms (Outlook)

    If a message based on a custom form is displayed in the absence of the form, some layout information may be missing and the display may look incorrect. I believe the data still exists in the item, but it might not be as easily accessible. If you have archived or deleted messages based on earlier versions, then this would not be a problem for you and I can't think of any reason to keep those old forms around. However, I haven't been using Exchange Server or Outlook forms much, so I suggest gathering some additional opinions.

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