Today a new version of the free e-mail client Pegasus Mail is released. The December release of version 4.31 is followed by the new version 4.41.

I know that we have some long-time Pegasus users here at the Lounge, and some have tried it for a shorter time. I have been using it since 1994.

<hr>July 2006 - Pegasus Mail v4.41 released in English, German, French and Italian Pegasus Mail v4.41 is now available for public distribution in four languages. Originally I had not intended there to be any further releases in the v4.4 family, moving instead to development of V5, but some compelling new capabilities have persuaded me to bring out this release, which may prove to be one of the more significant in quite some time ...<hr>
Pegasus Mail for Windows - Overview and features

News in version 4.41