Here's one for you:
Microsoft's Knowledgebase Search Article ID: Q193604 Look for the article ID or use date fix as your keywords.

A problem was found importing and exporting dates in Outlook 98 if you were using two digit years. (Its fixed in 2000) The article explains what to do including the files you need to download.

If you happen to be exporting data from Access to Outlook, be sure and check Four Digit Years in the advanced section when exporting to a text file. Also, to stop the time from showing up in your exported date fields, use the format function to format the date and export. For example, Format([YourFieldNameHere], "m/d/yyyy").

I know this has probably been mentioned before, however I'm saying it again. Access exports dates as the date plus the start time of that date, Midnight, when exporting to text files.