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I am getting application errors (see attached as an example)
I called HP this morning, because this error was the quickPlay. The first tech I talked to said to re-adjust my virtual memory down to 1000Mb from the recomended 1533. That did no good. We then changed the memory to "System Managed", and that did no good either.
When I re-booted, I got another error, this time in Adobe Designer, and called HP back. The tech I got this time had me go into c:windowsPrefetch, and had me delete the files in there, and said that I had a virus or something that was causing these application errors, I am running Norton System Works 2006 with Anti Virus, Zone Alarm Pro firewall, and Windows Defender. His answer to this was to reformat the HD, and get rid of ZA, and install Norton Security. I said that I would run Norton Anti Virus first before I did all of that, and now when I click on Norton, I get a message that I need to activate it, but I can't. The program just hangs.
Advice Anyone?