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    How to generate Relational DB Outine (2003/2007)

    I'm trying to figure out how to generate a ERD like diagram in Visio for a SQL Server DB. I've been thru the various tabs and toolbars in Visio and darned if I can find any shapes for creating Tables, Stored Procedures, Views and so on, all DB specific objects. It would b great if there a plugin/addin for Visio that would automatically create a DDF (Data Dictonary file) from an existing SQL Server DB. And and all help with this is most appreciated.


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    Re: How to generate Relational DB Outine (2003/2007)

    The database tools and capabilities in Visio depend heavily on the version you are using. Visio Standard is at the bottom of the tree and the real db functionality is provided in the more expensive versions. Here are some links to give you something to research to solve your issues.

    Microsoft's Visio Editions Comparison
    Database Modelling with Visio
    Designing a Database with Microsoft Visio 2000
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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