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    'the specified file could not be encrypted' (2000/SP-3)

    While trying to attach a Word file to an email message I received an Outlook error saying "the specified file could not be encrypted." I can't find any info about this error in the Lounge archives or on the web.

    The file came to me as an Outlook attachment, and I saves it shortly before trying to attach it. I am able to open and print the file.

    I am using XP and have turned on encryption for the directory this file lives in. The file's properties show that it is encrypted. I am able to attach other files from this folder.

    I was able to email the file by right-clicking it and selecting Send To/Mail recipient, so the problem is solved in the short-term. But I'd like to know what's going on. Any clues?


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    Re: 'the specified file could not be encrypted' (2

    Are you using the Encrypting File System feature of Windows 2000 Pro and/or Windows XP Pro? If so, the warning might relate to Outlook copying the file to a (non-EFS) temporary folder during the attachment process. That's just a guess. You could try using the SysInternals program FileMon (not currently loading for some reason??) to watch whether Outlook in fact is making a temporary copy of the file somewhere. Otherwise, I can't think of a reason that Windows should give this warning.

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