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    Outlook (2002 SP3)

    When I set my start and end times in Calendar and view my calendar it shows them with the lighter yellow area. But if I open other's calendars it also shows me MY start and end times instead of theirs. This doesn't make any sense. If I want to schedule a meeting with someone with different start and end times that me, it doesn't show me that they have different start and end times. What gives?

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    Re: Outlook (2002 SP3)

    What View are you using? I see actual times of other people's appointments when I open their Shared Calendars in Outlook 2003. Can you explain a bit more about what you are doing?

    Have you tried Actions | New Meeting Request | enter and resolve (Ctrl-K) invitees in the TO: field, then click on the Scheduling Tab to see availability? (That's the process I usually follow.)
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