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    Keyboard lock-up when booting - any news?

    I have a Dell XPS R400 with bios A13. I have a problem running Windows 2000. If I have a mouse attached when booting, mouse and keyboard are locked-up when arriving at the login prompt. I tried four different mouses, I exchanges mouse and keyboard port, and I have reinstalled and repaired many times, with no change... I simply cannot run Windows 2000 with a mouse. After the release of Windows 2000 a few other users reported the same problem, but I have never seens anyone post a general solution.

    Is there any news on this issue?

    Presently, when I want to run Windows 2000, I use my Wacom tablet (and yes, I tried with and without the tablet...)


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    Re: Keyboard lock-up when booting - any news?

    Check on this Dell bios upgrade for your pc Here

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