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    Sorting by Categories in Contacts (2003 SP2)

    There is probably a very simple solution to this; I've just been unable to see it.

    I use categories to look at all my contacts in Outlook. Prior to my upgrade to Outlook 2003, I could sort within the categories any way I wanted - by name, company, drop site - any column that I had displayed in the categories.

    Since 2003 I've lost this functionality. If I click on a column header while in Category view, I lose the categories and see ALL of my contacts. When I return to the category view, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to the way they're sorted (except for, I suspect, the order in which the contacts were created).

    How do I get the category view AND be able to sort within a category by whatever criteria I choose?


    John DeA

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    Re: Sorting by Categories in Contacts (2003 SP2)

    The sort function has been replaced by the "Group By" capability. Drag the Category header onto "Drag a column header here to group by that column", per the attached graphic. Annoying that MS changed that.
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