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    date/Time math (Excel 2000)

    I'm having trouble calculating the elapsed time between 2 date-time cells, when I want to "count" just workdays and when I consider the workday to be just 12 hours other words, I'm attempting to calculate an SLA ("service level agreement") metric for a Help Desk operation. The metric is actually "Business Days" and we are merely a 5-day, 12-hour operation. If I subtract the start date from the close date, the math works out just fine. I get number of days (or decimal days). This number is, however, the total elapsed time from beginning to end.
    I need to calculate how many 12-hour periods (excluding weekends) have elapsed, in other words, the number of "business days" that an item has been "open".

    (further info: the way the data comes to me is with the cell formatting as 'text' and contents being a concatenation of date & time, like this: 2006-06-30 05:45 AM )

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    Re: date/Time math (Excel 2000)

    Check out the NETWORKDAYS function. It will give you the number of working days between two dates. If you provide a list of holidays, it will also take that into account. The result of the NETWORKDAYS function multiplied by twelve should give you what you need. Note that the NETWORKDAYS function is part of the Analysis Toolpack. If you did not install that when you installed Excel, you will have to install it before you can use the function.
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