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    Drive Letters (XP )

    We have recently changed all our drive letters to be inline with what we believe is correct (A-G local drives, H-Z Remote drives) However now, when we plug in a pen disk drive, it pushes what is in N: out so it can go there. Should we have left N: free so this can go there or can we 'force' the pen drive to go to a different drive letter? As soon as the pen drive is removed, the former N: comes back.

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    Re: Drive Letters (XP )

    Either solution is appropriate. But consider this: if you have more than one computer with the same configuration, the problem with conflict drive letters will appear again.

    Usually for removable drives Windows assign the next drive letter after local drives, or the letter already assigned to this device. If assigned letter is already used for mapped network drive, one drive becomes "hidden" (usually removable drive). I doubt you have local drives from C: to M:, that means, you already forced pen disk drive to use N: drive, or it is coded in pen's software.

    That's why I would recommend do not use drive N: for network mapped drives and "free" some drive letters after used by hard drives for possible use by USB devices (now USB "flash" memory sticks are often used). Say, C: to G: for hard drives, H: to N: for USB drives and the rest for network drives.

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