I am creating a web form for clients to register for a seminar that my company is having. I would like it to dump their registration results into an Access database. I am attempting to follow the paper form that they are used to filling out as closely as possible (they may already freak out on us because we're going online - didn't want to change things up TOO much). On the paper form, they had one "field" at the top where they list their company name and company number, and in the mid section of the form they could enter the names of how ever many employees (up to 10) that were going to attend the seminar. So, if for example one company is sending 5 of their employees....Does anyone know if I can stick to pretty much the same format with my Front Page form, where they can list all 5 employees one time on the same online form...and when they hit Submit, have 5 individual records created in the Access database on the backend? If this is possible, can anyone provide guidance on how I would set that up because it seems that the only other times I've used a FP form that dumped results into an Access database, it was pretty much a "one record in the database per Submit button" situation.

If this doesn't make sense, or if you need more info, let me know.