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    Adding USB to WIN 95

    I've just spent the last 1/2 hour looking through the old posts, without luck. I'm running win95 OSR2, and I understand should be able to have USB.(Want a scanner)
    I found a site that gave great directions, where to find the driver on the CD etc, and successfully installed, and had "USB Ready" confirm installation of the port.
    Unfortunately, the PC crashed at next re-boot,(I blamed my wife) with a fail- to- read- registry error, which I managed to recover from. I uninstalled the USB to be safe.
    Being kind of thick(I really want that scanner), I set off to do it again. This time, I purposely re-booted and the same thing happened. Without upgrading to WIN 98 ++, has anyone been sucessful installing USB?

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    Re: Adding USB to WIN 95

    There is a good site for Win95 questions.

    It seems to be that you may need one of the
    two versions of usbsupp, or that running either may
    crash you.

    Three choices....good luck!

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