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    Stacked Bar Chart Display Problem (2003)

    I noticed that the bars on a stacked bar chart with 3 or more segments do not align with the Y axis scale, e.g. on the attached sample chart Bar A is 14,000 units but as displayed appears to be less that 14,000 units high. Is this a known problem wit Excel? I did not find any references on the MS Knowledgebase.

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    Re: Stacked Bar Chart Display Problem (2003)

    It's a matter of perspective. The 3D columns are standing in front of the rear wall of the chart, not up against it. Since you are looking at the chart from above, to the fore = lower. If you select Chart | 3-D View and set Elevation to 0, you'll see that the heights are correct.

    This is a good reason why 3-D charts should in general be avoided. They may look spiffy, but they are hard to interpret correctly.

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