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    Table of Contents style (2003)

    I create a table of contents using the 'classic' style. I find I have to turn off the 'Outline levels' option because I get all this other stuff in the TOC which I don't want.
    But when I re-open the document, the TOC has reverted to 'from template' TOC style.
    Why is it reverting from the 'classic' to 'from template'?
    And why does it include all these other items which are not specified in my TOC options?
    And how can I fix this?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Table of Contents style (2003)

    I'm not sure what is happening with your TOC, as I simply use heading levels for mine... Perhaps, though, this might help with the diagnosis: TOCs are actually magical Word fields. If you press Alt+F9 to toggle the display of fields from results to codes, your TOC will be displayed in code form. The help file lists the significance of each of the "switches" in the field. You might want to make a backup of those switches when the TOC is working, and then compare with when it is not, and see whether Word is changing something in between.

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