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    Removing invisible characters (Excel 2003)

    Even if I use something like ASAP's character removal utilities, it seems I cannot get rid of certain "things" in a cell that, for instance, make lookups or other functions fail because a number in the cell has something around it. I wind up doing a text-to-columns overwrite of the existing data as the only way to clean up the problem. Is there any utility out there that can truly show me actual cell contents? In having to do a text-to-column overwrite, what am I doing that changes the cell contents that some of these character removal utilities do not do? TYIA

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    Re: Removing invisible characters (Excel 2003)

    Please don't ask the same question twice. This thread is locked to avoid duplication.

    Please post all replies in the thread starting at <post:=588,388>post 588,388</post:>.

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