I'm quite inexperienced and certainly untrained in designing custom Outlook forms, so forgive me if the answer to this query is obvious to you all.

The form I'm designing is a news submission form, and I'd like submitted news items (for an intranet) to include attachments like photos, supporting documents and the like, but I can't find any way to enable the attchment icon in the toolbar (the paperclip), unless the 'Message' field is retained in the form (I'm starting with the standard Message form). This isn't so bad - I use the Message field for the full news story- except that the Message field is not customisable very much, so is this the only way that you can design a custom form that can add attachments? There is an Attchment checkbox available in the Frequently Used fields, but this is read-only, so what is this used for?

Finally, while I think about it, I designed this form initially in Outlook 2000, only to find that the Outlook 2003 users couldn't see the custom changes. When they opened up the form to use it, all they saw was the underlying original standard Message form. If I design in Outlook 2003, all is fine and the Outlook 2003 users see the proper custom form, but if (as I did) I forget and update the design in Outlook 2000, the XP users then see the underlying Messageagain and not the custom form. And yet all the Outlook 2000 users have no trouble whatsoever wherever I design or update the form. Is this something anyone recognises and understands? As I said, as long as all design work takes place in Outlook 2003, the thing stays ok, so I'm not too worried, just curious.

Thanks for any help.