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    Tentative meetings (Outlook XP)

    Our people are annoyed that every incoming meeting invitation becomes a tentative meeting in their calendar. They would like there to be no tentative meetings... only meetings which they have accepted to attend. Is there a way to control this in Outlook? I don't seem to be able to locate options for this under Tools>Options.

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    Re: Tentative meetings (Outlook XP)

    I don't think you can change this - it's a 'feature' so that people with multiple invitations can see what they have been invited to, but have not responded to, when they are reviewing their calendar. And I find it useful in that respect.

    However I agree that it's a nuisance that MS uses the 'Tentative" coloring/identification for these - a fourth coloring system for "Invited, not yet responded" wouldn't seem a stretch for almighty MS. (I frequently accept meetings on a Tentative basis, because I plan to delegate attendance, but haven't made the assignment when the invitation is sent to me. Then later I forward the meeting invitation to my victim, I mean delegate, and decline the meeting request.)
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