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    share server (microsoft office 2003)

    good morning, i have a question. my friend and i are both using microsoft outlook 2003 a 2 different servers. how do we look at each other calendar? or there is no way to perform that type of action? in my sever i dont have permission to create web page for my calendar, i've tried, the server is very strict on incoming traffic as well as outgoing. thank you for your help.

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    Re: share server (microsoft office 2003)

    Are you really on two different servers, or two different user profiles? Are the servers part of a common entity domain?

    If they are both Exchange Server within a common entity domain you should be able to follow these steps:

    1. Right click the Calendar Folder in the Outlook Navigation Pane, select Properties | Permissions, set each other up as a Reviewer
    2. In Calendar View, on the navigation pane click on Open a Shared calendar, and browse to each others email address. Each person should then appear under the 'Other calendars' section of the navigation Pane - check the box for the person and you will get side-by-side Calendars

    Hope this helps, post back to this thread if not.
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    Re: share server (microsoft office 2003)

    This sounds like a duplicate of the following post: outlook calendar (microsoft office 2003)

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