Short: Is there any known bug with using the "Set Transparent Color" tool in Publisher 2003 (and Office 2003)? I'm getting jagginess, image "smushing" and other random poor results from a little over half of the images in which I use transparent colors when printing from Publisher. All images in the files are being pasted from Paint after basic manipulation. Only those with a transparent color are showing any problems, and it's only about half of those. I've been using Publisher 2003 for a while and have built a LOT of files with it, but only recently began to use "Set Transparent Color" because we're starting to print on colored paper as opposed to white.

Tests I've Run:
1. Copy image from Paint to Word 2003, do a test print. Problem is duplicated.
2. Copy image from Paint to Publisher 2000 and do a test print. Problem is NOT duplicated.
3. Printing from Publisher 2003 to all three of the available printers at my disposal, as well as outputting to PDF. Problem is duplicated.

Is this a known issue with images that have a transparent color? If so, is there any fix or workaround? If not, can anybody offer help as to why these problems are happening?

Thanks for all help.