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    adding a conference (2004)

    my boss wants me to add live video conferencing to our multiple office around town. He asked if we could use webcams and stream it to our web site. He wants it avaliable for teaching. mI have no idea how I would go about this. any help would be appreciated. We are trying to teach classes and have them stream out to the other offices. We want people to be able to ask questions if they need help during the webcast.

    Thnaks for the help!

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    Re: adding a conference (2004)

    Most people outsource this. The market leader probably is WebEx. This review has links to other solutions as well:

    eWEEK Labs Review: WebEx Meeting Center

    This recent article was interesting: the future is to be able to access the conference from "any" device:

    Will Talkcasts Be Talk of the Town?

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