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    Changes I make to seem to be forgotten the next time I start Word. If I change the default font, the next time Word starts up it is back to Times New Roman (YUK!). If I remove a button from a tool bar, the next time Word starts up the button is back! How can I make Word remember my changes? Thanks. John

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    Re: (Word 2003)

    A sadly common problem for users of some well-known third party templates for Word. Some threads that might help:

    Unable to Change Toolbars (Word XP/2002)
    Autotext, Macros not saved (XP SP3) not being saved on Word Exit (Word 2002 /XP SP3)

    Added: How about one more (with methods to immediately force a save of after you have made changes).

    Adding Strikethrough icon (Word 2003)

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