I'm relatively new to creating templates with styles (we are trying to move our firm in that direction) and I need to understand the logic of Outline Numbering and styles when it comes to documents that may contain Exhibits, etc.

I'd like to create a template in Word 2003 for an Agreement, for example, and I want to create possibly three Outline numbered styles for Exhibits - a title style and a level 1 and level 2 style. I can think of two ways to proceed - there may be others - and I need to know if one is better than the other, if either will cause problems, or any other considerations. If there are other options, I'd like to know those, too.

Option 1: Use Heading Style 7 for Exhibit Title, Heading 8 for First Level (e.g., 1. xxxxx xxxx), and Heading 9 for Second Level (e.g., i. xxxx xxxxxx). In this instance, I'd be using the same Outline Numbering Scheme throughout the document.

Option 2: Create three new styles, as in Exhibit Title, Exhibit Level 1, and Exhibit Level 2. If I do that, I think that I would need to choose a different numbering scheme from the Outline Numbering gallery, and link the new styles to Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 (or some levels) of that scheme. Is that true?

Are there issues with creating a Table of contents with either option? Does having more than one numbering scheme in a document create potential for problems? Are there other options I haven't considered?

Any and all advice will be appreciated. As always, my thanks to the group for the help I can always count on.