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    Occasionally Display of Wrong Characters (Office 2003)

    This is a weird one that I can't solve! I have one user with a new PC and new install of Office 2003 fully upgraded. My user called me to let me know she's getting strange characters displayed in some documents. Upon investigation it is that she is getting A for the open " and @ for close " and = for '. It is not in any documents that she creates or even in ones created by her staff in Word 2003. They are older documents and ones she receives as e-mail attachments. They are a former WordPerfect Office so maybe some of the documents are converted from WordPerfect. I know the document cause her problems this week was a former WordPerfect document. The document looks OK on my PC and at least there other PC's in her office all running fully upgraded versions of Office 2003. I have a feeling it is something to do with font conversion, but why only a problem on one PC and only in some documents? Just as a test, I did a cut and paste into a new document while at my computer and e-mailed it to her. The result--it was partially better. The first few sentences were OK, but the rest of the paragraphs still had an issue? Is this an Office problem or a problem in how Windows XP deals with converted documents. Thanks for the use of your expertise on this one, my brain is scrambled.
    Thanks much, Judy Crawford

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    Re: Occasionally Display of Wrong Characters (Office 2003)

    I have no experience with this, but perhaps WPDOS - Using WordPerfect Files in Microsoft Word helps.

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