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    Weird VB error -- (Word 2003 (& Defender?))

    Have suddenly acquired a truly strange Word hiccup which may -- or may not -- be tied into having just updated Windows Defender.

    It's pretty simple: starting Word, and attempting to perform many to most command actions in Word, produces a dialog box as follows:

    Menu bar: "Windows Visual Basic"
    Box text: "Code execution has been interrupted."
    Buttons: Continue/End/Debug/Help ("Debug" is grayed out)

    The dialog box sometimes appears several times in succession, requiring several clicks of "Continue" to complete whatever it was I wanted to do. It does not appear that any functionality is actually being lost, but I haven't tinkered with this too greatly yet.

    Software specs:
    Word 2003 (11.8026.8028) SP2, with WOPR installed & running
    WinXP SP 2, fully patched

    My security in WinWord has been set to High; I tried turning it down to Medium -- which causes some non-critical issues with WOPR -- but that hasn't helped mitigate the Visual Basic dialogs.

    If this is *not* Windows Defender being overeager, I haven't a clue what it could be; I haven't installed anything else lately that should be getting into arguments with Visual Basic. Moreover, the problem seems to be isolated to Word (I don't get the dialogs when using Internet Explorer or MS Publisher, for instance).
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    Re: Weird VB error -- (Word 2003 (& Defender?))

    I've been using Windows Defender for some time now and I haven't noticed any adverse effect on MS Office. Check out Phil Rabichow's <!post=Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in Word (97/2000),197827>Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in Word (97/2000)<!/post>.

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