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    Default Table Properties (2003)

    Is there a way to default my table settings. In particular, I would like to default my cell vertical alignment to Top instead of Center.
    When inserting a table I see the AutoFormat feature, but when I select Table Grid the "modify" option is not available.

    I was hoping this would fix the problem of all labels centering vertically on the label.

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    Re: Default Table Properties (2003)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 27-Jul-06 17:56. )</P>Hmmm, my default vertical alignment for table cells is Top. However, I don't recall ever setting this.

    If you click in a cell and open the "Styles and Formatting" Task bar, scroll to the applicable table style (e.g., Table Grid), right-click or use the drop-down to choose Modify, then click the Format button and choose Table Properties..., then you can set the default for that Table Style. For best results, open your default template (e.g., and set this there.

    Added: If this only is a problem with the automatically-generated mailing label tables created by Word's envelopes and labels dialog, I'm not sure there is a template you can modify for those. The wizard might be applying direct formatting to center the text in those cells...

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