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    replacing names (MS Office Project 2003 and Web Access)

    Very new at this. A staffer creates a project and exports it into web access. The resource names are stored on the Project server. If someone has been listed two ways (first/last name swapped) how do I do a search and replace so I have one consistent naming convention that will touch all 3 locations (probably getting confused here) and not mess up the original task assignments?
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    Re: replacing names (MS Office Project 2003 and Web Access)

    Project does not support the find and replace feature you see in Word and Excel to do this type of change.
    I would recommend using the Using Resource... filter lin the formatting toolbar to filter for the resource you want to eliminate.
    Once you have a filter list of tasks select Window Split from the menu bar to display the Task Form in the bottom portion of the window.
    In the Task Entry table click the first task in the list, then in the Task form in the lower half of the screen using the dropdown list replace the resource you want to eliminate with the one you want to replace it with. Repeat this process for all the tasks in the list. Since you have a filtered list it should not take too long.
    Go to the Resource sheet and delete the resource you want to get rid of.

    One of the features of Project Server is the different levels of Security you cam provide. I would recommend only one person be able to add resources to the pool. Also you will want to establish a convention of Last Name, First Name. If you list the first name then last name in the single Resource name field you will not be able to sort your resources in alphabetica order in future. There is some discussion on assigning resources in post <post#=573941>post 573941</post#> it is better to select resources from a list not enter by typing. The lounge does not support files of the size the original document was with the screen captures, but all the text is there and it presents a good strategy for resource assignments.


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