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    Access and Excell (2003)

    I run a weekly time tick query on a database. It searches for the job number, description, and amount of time on a the particular job number. As of now I enter each individual job number in the criteria field and run the query. I am wanting to make a database or query that can take a list of job numbers from excel or a list box in access and run the query with each job number. I would like to output the data in a spreadsheet or report. I would also like to list the job number, description, and total time. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Access and Excell (2003)

    See the following posts/threads for some ideas:
    - Using reports: <post:=427,576>post 427,576</post:> and <post:=375,863>post 375,863</post:>
    - Export to Excel: <post:=185,893>post 185,893</post:> and <post:=184,756>post 184,756</post:>

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