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    New List from Existing List (Excel 2003)

    Okay, I'm stumped.

    I have an existing list of names, OS identification, and much other data. This list is the result of an import of delimted text file from an external source. No way to change how it gets into the text file.

    I am focused on the name and OS identification. Names and OS identification are duplicated in this list (because of the additional data in the list). We need to get out of this list a new list that only returns the names and OS identification with no duplications.

    See the attached sample workbook for an example. The desired list was created manually by visual inspection of the original list.

    I'd like to do this with formula(s) but am open to macro as well.


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    Re: New List from Existing List (Excel 2003)

    Here is a solution without formulas or macros:

    - Delete the first row in your sample worksheet so that the column headers are in A1:B1.
    - Copy the column headers A1:B1 to another location, e.g. to D1:E1.
    - Click anywhere in the original table.
    - Select Data | Filter | Advanced Filter..
    - Click "Copy to another location".
    - Click in the "Copy to" box.
    - Select D1:E1.
    - Tick the "Unique records only" check box.
    - Click OK.
    - Sort the new table.

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