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    Brain dead (Access 97)

    Need to know what to do with a null value in a cross-tab query? I have a cross tab query with Column headings called 24 Hrs, 48 Hrs and 72 Hrs.. These fields are totaled from the row heading called Process time. This query will show the number of reports processed in 24 48 or 72 hrs.. I have another field on the query called ReportTotal.. This field uses a parameter [Enter # of Reports] to show the total number of reports.. So the user just types in the number of reports and it is displayed in the query.. What I need to to is have another field called 24 Hrs which is the ReportTotal field - 48 Hrs - 72 Hrs.. Any thoughts on this.. I evently would like to display this in a report.. Hopefully I made sense here. Thanks for the help..

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    Re: Brain dead (Access 97)

    I don't understand. You already have a heading called 24 hrs and you want to have another column called 24 hrs?

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