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    Windows 2000 Domain Upgrade

    Hi Loungers....
    I have an odd problem. I have a Windows 2000 .local domain with 2 2000 domain controllers and 2 Windows 2003 Servers which are members of the domain. I split up and moved the FSMO Roles so that they are spread out over the 2 2000 DC's. I ran ADPREP /FORESTPREP on the DC that has the Schema Master on it. It reported an error and then fixed itself on the 2nd try. I then waited till the next day and did the ADPREP /DOMAINPREP on the other DC that holds the Infrastructure Master. All went well. I then promoted one of the 2003 Servers to be a DC and it was fine (This machine had been upgraded from windows 2000 Server) and it shows up as a DC in AD. My other Windows 2003 Server which was built from scratch from new with Windows Server 2003 on it will not allow itself to be promoted, it comes up with an error saying that the AD version is wrong and that I need to run ADPREP on the DC with the Schema Master etc.......

    I've removed the problematic 2003 Server from the Domain and re-added it, waited for replication to happen and then tried again. No good, still says that the AD is the wrong version and to run ADPREP.

    Can anyone help me?



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    Re: Windows 2000 Domain Upgrade

    I don't have a specific answer but here's a KB article Common Mistakes When Upgrading a Windows 2000 Domain To a Windows 2003 Domain that has lots of hints.


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