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    Small business software

    A very general query here... Has anyone had experience with connecting packages like MYOB or Quick Books with MS Access? I'm trying to envisage a solution for a small business (manufacturing) using existing commercial software (pre-invented wheels) with a DB and possibly some VB front-end interfaces. As well as the bookkeeping/ accounting side, there would also be aspects like inventory control, costing, payroll ... all the aspects of a small business.

    Any ideas or good/ bad experiences appreciated.


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    Re: Small business software

    I have experience using MYOB, which is designed to do the job you describe.

    I have done a couple of jobs for people using ODBC to connect an Access front end to MYOB data. In these cases all the data entry was done via MYOB, but the Access was just to provide some custom reporting not available in MYOB.

    The tools needed for ODBC are provided with any installation of MYOB, but you do need to install them. You can test them with the dummy data file provided by MYOB, but to use them with a proper data file you need to pay a registration fee of $259.

    This page provides links to download the drivers and other documentation.

    This page provides links to free downloads of the trial version of MYOB itself.

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