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    Locked Database (Access 2003)

    OK, let me see if I can explain this. I am working with a db that is split. I was working on it then it hickuped. Now the db does not open properly. It has a message about the db is locked due to multiple users using it. Sorry for not having exact wording. It is a db that keeps track of property where I work. My higher ups have fooled with it, not having no luck. I would send a copy but it is huge.
    So if anyone has any ideas to look at, PLEASE let me know.
    Thanks for everyones help and time.

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    Re: Locked Database (Access 2003)

    First, see if .ldb files corresponding to the frontend and/or backend have been left behind. If so, delete them. Perhaps that'll help.

    Next, can you check whether the problem occurs in the frontend or in the backend database?
    If it's the frontend, simply reload a copy and you should be ok again.
    If it's the backend, you'll have to try to repair it. See <post:=578,419>post 578,419</post:> for some options.
    Also see the replies to <post:=588,851>post 588,851</post:>.

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