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Thread: LAN Connections

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    LAN Connections

    I currently have a small LAN. The server is an old Compaq running Windows NT 4.0. The LAN currently has a Gateway run Winsows 98 and a Compaq running windows ME connected to the network.

    I have just replaced a old Dell with a new Dell running Windows XP. Access to the server is through a 3M 12 port Hub.

    All computers including the XP can access the files on the server. The laptop can access files on the Gateway (connected using Gatewayc and the Gateway can access files on the laptop (Connected using laptopC$. I can not get the Dell to access files on either the Gateway or the laptop. Likewise, neither the laptop nor the Gateway can access files on the Dell.

    I have never used XP until I instaled the new Dell on the system yesterday.

    In Explore on the Dell it showsthe network connection to the server and access to the files is available by double clicking. Likewise explore shows the network connection for the laptop (c$ on 'Laptop" (laptop) (Q but when I double click on the connection, it tells me Q: is not accessible. Access is delied.

    Thus far when I try to Map the network drive for the Gateway using Gatewayc I get the error message The network path Gatewayc could not be found.

    When using the network setup wizzars, I tried to created a Network set up disk. I got an error message "The wizzard has detected that this computer has no floppy disk drives or other removable mdedia. You need such a device to create a Network Setup disk." The system does not have a floppy but does have a RW CD drive and I have copied files to a CD.


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    Re: LAN Connections

    Is this a re-worded version of your other post here: <post:=590,200>post 590,200</post:> ? If so, please don't start another thread for the same problem. You can always add additional posts to the other thread if you feel you want to clarify or change something. I'm going to assume a "yes" answer and lock this thread. You can send me a PM if I've made a mistake and I'll correct it as soon as I can.

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