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    Programs in Start Up Menu (WinXP-HE)

    Although this has probably been asked and answered, I was unable to find a reference by searching the WinXP list. If it has been addressed and you can just point me to the thread, I would appreciate it. If it hasn't been addressed, please, let's do so now.

    Does every piece of software ever installed by a setup script put itself in the Windows start up list, or does it just seem that way? My 3Ghz system with 2 GB ram starts very slowly on boot up. Programs load slowly too. I ran msconfig and found a bunch of programs in the startup list that I'd like to remove; but when I do so with the msconfig window, reboots are not in "normal" mode. If I go back to a normal boot, the programs return to the list. How can I control what loads when I boot the OS? Googling showed lots of aftermarket software, but I resent having to pay for code when I should be able to do what I want with the OS. This is similar to my extreme dissatisfaction with hardware manufacturers (Are you listening Dell?) who install junk software -- software whose license expires in 90 days -- clogging up what should have been a pristine system when you bought it. I took me 30 minutes to identify and delete all the McAfee cr@p from a new notebook. I haven't tackled the Corel cr@p yet.

    Anyway , (I feel better getting that rant off my chest), I'd really appreciate directions for managing the list of programs that are in the start menu.


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    Re: Programs in Start Up Menu (WinXP-HE)

    <hr>Does every piece of software ever installed by a setup script put itself in the Windows start up list, or does it just seem that way?<hr>
    If they get a chance, they will try <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

    What you have found with the "startup list" in the System Configuration Utility (msconfig) is why I call it a troubleshooting tool and not a startup manager. I have seen people mention on the net that it works perfect for them, but I don't see it as a solution.

    You have not mentioned this, but maybe it's obvious, the best way to remove a program from any start up entry is to uninstall the program. However, sometimes one would like to have the program installed, but not all components running at boot time. In this case, try the free Autoruns from Sysinternals. Some people who also use Spybot Search & Destroy use the "System Startup" tool in that program to stop some from running.

    I understand that your main issue is a somewhat slow machine, so there is maybe something else you also have to look at. On a new, clean and defraged machine, I could think that some AV suites may slow it down a little. On the other hand, you do have some oomph in that hardware.

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