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    VBA & GroupWise 6.5 (Office 97 (Excel))

    Hello All,

    Just a quickie (i hope). I wrote a bit of code to compile reports, save them to the HDD and then send them oput via GroupWise. This worked great on a W95 (I know it's old school) but my desktop has just been upgraded to a W2k box and the code has stopped working. After a bit of investigation i found the problem, the filepath/name is more than 126 characters long. If the filename is kept to 126 or under it works fine, 127 or over and it fails! Has anyone else encountered this? Has anyone found out how to fix it?

    Thanks In Advance

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    Re: VBA & GroupWise 6.5 (Office 97 (Excel))

    That would seem to be a limitation of GroupWise, not of VBA. Limiting the path/filename length is probably your best bet.

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