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    Numbering In Word (Word 2002)

    Is it possible with Word to create an automatic four digit numbering scheme such as 0001, 0002 up to 0099 and then have it contine with 0100, 0101, etc.

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    Re: Numbering In Word (Word 2002)

    I don't think the standard paragraph numbering methods provide for such a format. You could use a SEQ field:
    - Position the insertion point at the beginning of the first paragraph to be numbered.
    - Press Ctrl+F9 to insert field brackets { }. Don't type the brackets yourself.
    - Type SEQ A # "0000" between the brackets (the "A" is just an identifier for the sequence, you can use another name if you like).
    - Press F9 to hide the field codes and to update the field.
    - Copy / paste the field to each of the other paragraphs you want to number.
    - You can also make the field into an AutoText entry, so that you can insert it easily.

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