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    Drawing on drawing canvas disappears (Word 2003)

    Hello. I've just been moved to Word 2003. I used the drawing canvas feature for the first time today.
    My drawing needs to be within a table. (This company uses Information mapping.)
    When I drag the canvas to within the table it disappears. The same happens if I cut and paste.
    I have scaled the drawing down so that the canvas is smaller than the cell, but it still disappears.

    If I can't solve this, I guess I can redraw the diagram in Powerpoint.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Drawing on drawing canvas disappears (Word 2003)

    If you activate a drawing tool (line, box, oval, ...) and click in a table cell, Word will (or should) create a drawing canvas in the cell (see picture below, upper screenshot). Once you have drawn any object, you can click Expand on the Drawing Canvas toolbar to fit the canvas to the cell (lower screenshot).
    It should be possible to move a drawing canvas by dragging its hatched outline, and also to copy/paste it.

    I prefer not to use the drawing canvas at all. It can be turned off by clearing the check box "Automatically create drawing canvas when inserting AutoShapes" in the General tab of Tools | Options... This allows for greater flexibility.
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